Sport Physical Therapy

Maintaining a healthy an active lifestyle by participating in sports is one way to ensure your body is in prime physical condition. However, anytime you are involved in a physically-demanding sport or exercise, you run a much higher risk of injury. When you experience a sporting-related injury, seeking out physical therapy is highly advisable to help get your back on track and in optimal physical shape as quickly as possible.


When you first discover a New York sports physical therapy program that is right for you, evaluation is often the first step to recovery that is introduced to patients. Evaluations allow your physical therapist to learn more about your activity and how you originally caused injury to yourself. The more familiar your physical therapist becomes with your situation individually, the easier it becomes to obtain the right assistance and guidance when you begin exercises, stretches, and other tasks to aid in the process of recovery.

Physical Therapy Treatment

Once you have been evaluated by your physical therapist, treatment begins. A physical therapist will work with you on regaining strength and muscle mass depending on where your injuries are located and severity of each one of the injuries you have sustained individually. Patients are oftentimes required to start small and with minimal movements in order to prevent causing further damage or pain to the area where you have sustained your injuries. Vocalize any concerns or issues you have with routines you are working on if they become too difficult to readjust your program throughout the entirety of its duration.


Physical therapists are well-versed in preventing additional injuries, strains, and sprains from occurring in athletes. Learning how to prevent future injuries and what steps are necessary to take in order to eliminate risks are all part of traditional sports rehab and physical therapy programs. Whether there are biochemical prevention methods to take or different exercises to help rebuild and regain your muscle strength available, your physical therapist is capable of providing you with the proper direction to maintain and speed up the overall healing process.

Understanding the benefits that physical therapy for sports injuries provides is a way for you to seek out the physical therapist or program that is truly right for your needs. Completing a physical therapy program after a sporting injury is a way for you to recover, heal, and feel better about getting back to your favorite activities again.