JIACD Keeps You Up to Date on the Latest Advances in Dentistry

JIACD, or The Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry, takes a refreshingly new look at dentistry that may be as interesting to the public as to dental professionals. Founded by two board certified periodontists, the goal of JIACD is to present a publication that offers peer reviewed dental literature and compliments that with the latest news on tech advances. By sharing how technology is changing the face of dentistry with its readers, JIACD can help more professionals stay apprised of these advances.

Speaking of technology, JIACD is something more than a traditional implant dentistry journal. While the majority of peer journals are still published in paper form, JIACD is an interactive digital journal that enhances the learning experience for its readers. The publishers of the journal boast that The Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry is among the very first digital journals of its kind.

JIACD is very serious about their journalistic integrity and takes great care to publish responsibly. To that end, they supplement original and verified research, supported by peer reviews, with authoritative reviews. They also publish clinical techniques that may be of interest to other professionals, adding peer commentary. Every article is reviewed by the JIACD board of editors, who are experienced dental professionals themselves.

Some may wonder why JIACD is published as a paperless journal. While creating an interactive experience is one reason, the journal’s publishers have also expressed concern for the environment. They share that an average dental journal, published traditionally on paper, will use 1.5 million pages and the JIACD founders didn’t want to contribute to that waste. By way of explaining just how big the problem is, JIACD reveals that the 24 or so dental journals currently in publication generate 36 million pages of paper waste each month.

All of this culminates to provide readers with a new kind of interactive dental journal that prides itself on journalistic integrity and ecological responsibility. The information it imparts is reliable and interesting in that explores the issues that are affected by technological advances and new dental procedures. All in all, The Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry may be a look at the future of peer journals.