How to Better Your Life at a Boring Desk Job

Sometimes you have to work the boring 9 to 5 desk jobs to make ends meet and support your loved ones. There’s no shame in that. However, it can be hard to keep up a positive perspective and uplifted outlook when you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or dissatisfied with the work you do. Luckily, there are a few ways you can better your life, and overall outlook, while working that boring desk job.

Get Yourself Motivated to Face Another Day at Work

Whether it be a pep talk in the mirror, or anticipation of seeing a favorite coworker, you need to motivate yourself for another workday. Sure, it’s difficult to get excited about going somewhere that you’d rather stay home from—but feeling positive is the first step to being able to face another day of the same old same.

Find Something You Love About Your Job

In every job, regardless of what it is, there is something to love. Maybe you love taking phone calls from polite people that wish you well and have nothing but nice things to say. Or, perhaps the favorite part of your desk job is your lunch hour, when you can chow down on good eats with some of your best coworkers. Or, maybe you love the actual work that you do when you get into the groove of your workday. Find something to love and use it to better your perspective.

Plan Your Time Wisely with Spreadsheets and To-Do Checklists

Sometimes your desk job is boring because you put off what you need to do. However, time passes faster when you work hard with diligence and purpose. So, make a quick to-do list and spreadsheet of the things you need to accomplish work-wise for each day that you work this week. Then mark those things off as you complete them. It will feel good to get things done.

Focus, Delegate, Work Hard, and Go Home

Instead of looking at work as something to dread every day, look at it as a way to survive and support yourself and your loved ones. It’s a job. Focus on what you have to do, delegate responsibilities as necessary, work hard while you’re there, and go home to spend time with the people that matter most.

Sometimes you have to put work back into focus as something you do to make money so you can get by and take care of the people you care about. If you find yourself having serious problems being happy in your job, or any part of your life, speak out.Research resource information about depression and get your life and career back on track.