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10 Tips for Making Baby Food

Without any doubt the new mothers find it so tough to feed the young ones. Most of the times they are confused regarding what kind of diet is apt for the new baby. They do not want to go wrong at any step. Feeding wrong food to children can lead to serious issues. It is important to feed a balanced diet which is rich in essential nutrients so that your baby stays happy and healthy There are some specific foods which need to be part of the diet of your little ones lest it can cause some deficiencies.

Breast Milk is a must

Breast Milk is packed with the best nutrients in the world. It is one of the healthiest foods for your newborn. It has superb disease-fighting properties which bolster the immune system of any child. Mentioned below are key advantages of breastfeeding:

  1. Mother’s milk encompasses all essential nutrients as well as substances which avert sickness. It creates resistance against diseases like ear infections, meningitis, stomach ailments etc. A woman should breastfeed for a span of at least 6 months.
  2. Studies have proved that breastfeeding prevents certain kinds of allergies. This milk creates a protective coating on intestines of a child.
  3. Breastfeeding helps in enhancing brain health of a child. Children who are breastfed show higher IQ levels in comparison to others who are not.
  4. SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is not seen in children who are breastfed.
  5. As compared to the formula fed babies, the babies who are breastfed are healthier.
  6. Breastfeeding has benefits for the mother too. It minimizes stress and averts incidence of breast and ovarian cancers.

However, women who have any problem associated with breast feeding can opt for alternative ways to feed their children.

Solid Food:

When your baby touches six months, you can introduce solid after consulting your pediatrician. It is best to start with foods such as fruit puree, bananas, oatmeal and rice cereal. Avocados are also a very good option. They are rich in fiber so they aid healthy bowel moments in a child. Also add carrots and apple puree in your child’s diet. These foods boost immunity and improve eyesight. You can also add boiled vegetables to your baby’s diet.

A very good solid food option for your little one is sweet potato. Butternut squash is also an important solid food. It is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Tips to bear in Mind while feeding your child

  • Some children are unhappy eaters. They will not eat everything you offer them to eat. Stay patient and do not force child. Notice what all foods he or she likes to eat and then slowly introduce things one by one.
  • In case you want to check if at all your baby is allergic to certain kind of food, wait for a span of three days. This will enable you to locate what allergy is  your child suffering from
  • Cook the vegetables properly prior to feeding your child. This will aid in fast digestion.
  • Try not to add too much of pepper or salt to your baby’s diet.
  • Ask your pediatrician before you start a new food
  •  Never over-feed child.
  • Stay away from hard food items like chips, nuts etc.
  • Serve fresh food only.